Nourish Success Stories

“I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I started feeling good. Yes, the weight has come off but I feel so good, energetic, sleeping better, more alert. I had no idea how all the processed, fast food was affecting me. I love eating real food now and preparing my meals. My husband has lost 3 inches around his waist as well (and that is just from him eating what I am eating) this truly is my lifestyle now, Thank you Nourish!”
Pam T.
Age 54
“I have gone from a size 20 to a 14. My IBS is gone as well. I had no idea how the food I was eating was affecting me. Also no longer need to take my Pepcid. Yeah!”
Brenda R.
Age 48
"This program has been life transforming."
Maggie C.
Age 32
"I GOT IN A PAIR OF JEANS THIS MORNING NO TUGGING NO SUCKING IN MY GUT!!!! I am wearing jeans today for the first time in about 4 years! Thank you for helping me save my life. I will forever be grateful. Work is not done but I am finally knowing in my brain I am succeeding at conquering this journey."
Janet M
Age 60
“I have lost 38 pounds and reached my goal weight. It was a consistent drop of 1-2 pounds a week. I know I will keep it off as my whole lifestyle has changed. I feel good that my child is now going to grow up with better habits than I had. As a family we are eating real food, cut out the processed food and control our portion sizes. I have never felt better.”
Blythe B.
Age 37
“I haven’t felt this good in 10 years! I was living on soda crackers due to stomach issues and was in so much pain that I didn’t want to get out of bed. I am now back to enjoying life, I can sit down with my family and eat a meal. That didn’t happen before I joined the Nourish Program. I am happy to have my life back!”
Dede V.
Age 47
“I have lost 50 pounds of fat in 6 months, I am back to running and exercising without any issues. I had tried dieting before and would get bored and quit. Nourish allowed me to eat anything I wanted but taught me about moderation, portion and mindfulness.”
Matt G.
Age 46
“My weight loss was slow at the beginning and my coach kept talking to me about portion sizes and the “WHY” of my eating. I finally got it and when I truly measured out my portions and got real with it—BAM! I have dropped 11 pounds in the last 5 weeks. My coach was supportive and patient with me and held me accountable all in a loving way. I now understand I was eating way too big of portions and felt I had to feel full to the brim instead of satisfied. Not only do I feel better physically and mentally my grocery bill has been cut in half!”
Amy N.
Age 26
“ I really didn’t think I would succeed at this. I thought I would lose the normal 10 pounds I lost on other weight loss plans and that would be it. I have lost 56 pounds and am keeping it off. My doctor is very pleased and most of my medications have been cut in half or completely stopped. I feel great and have learned so much about food, movement, thoughts and how those affect my lifestyle. This is the best thing I have ever done."
Sharon P.
Age 72
"This program makes sense, is simple and will get you results. Lifestyle is the way to go, I will never diet again!"
Kara M.
Age 47
"The Nourish Program is the only thing that has worked for me and has been sustainable. I learned what changes I needed to make and was able to make those changes in a simple and gradual process that got me to my goal. I not only lost 63 pounds but I have kept it off for over 3 years now."
Sue G.
Age 68
"I feel so much better. More energy, sleeping better and mentally better as well. Nourish worked with me to identify the emotional triggers of my eating--identifying them, acknowledging them and how to replace those triggers with new thought processes. Not only did the weight come off but best of all it has not come back on. No more up and down on the scale for me. I lost 47 pounds and have maintained that weight for over 2 years now."
Lisa R.
Age 47
"This program changed my life. Finally found a plan that allowed me to eat real food. I have learned about portion sizes, what food work best for me, the type of movement that is best for my body. I have lost 76 pounds and will soon be at my goal of 102 pounds lost. My wife has lost 32 pounds as well just my the changes we have made with our lifestyle."
Robert R.
Age 57
"I am down 52 pounds so far and just got back from my doctor's appointment. All my labs were in the normal range. This has never happened in my adult life. My doctor is very happy and so am. I am well on my way to hitting my goal. My husband is down 60 pounds as well. This program has been the best thing for both of us to get healthy and well again."
Felicia A.
Age 31

Dr. Chris Hoelscher

Chris is our science guy.  Chris founded Eastland Chiropractic & Lifestyle Center in 1984 and retired from active practice in 2017.  During his time in practice, he opened several clinics in the midwest and one in Saipan, a US commonwealth in Micronesia. He has always maintained an active interest in biology, chemistry and physics and how they affect our bodies. He knew there had to be a reason why some people could eat almost anything and still not gain weight, while others only had to look at food and their waistline would start to expand. He became interested in how and if genetics play a role in weight management and how foods can affect us all differently.  

He also believes that you have to be able to measure anything you want to manage and that starts with knowing where you’re at.  THe INbody scale we utilize in The Nourish Lifestyle program is what gives us the measurable data needed to chart progress. It’s not just the number on the bathroom scale but what the pounds are made of that’s important. With the Inbody scale we can assess the changes in body composition to make sure we are making progress. 

He is also fondly known as our on-call tech guy, fixing our computers, printers and most anything else that needs a fix at our office.