Journaling your Foods
and Moods

We are excited for you to begin using The Nourish Lifestyle Food and Mood tracking app, called Better!  Tracking what you eat, as well as your moods and satiety when you eat, will provide helpful insights for your weight loss journey.

Here are some tips for downloading and using the app.

Download app to your phone or Tablet

This video will show you the process to easily get the better journaling app onto your phone or tablet.

Once you register, see the next email that will be sent to you which will have the button to Activate your account and create your password.

Finally, see the Welcome email that will be sent after you activate your account to Download the app to your phone or tablet.

You can always access the app from a computer browser as well. Go to  Bookmark this web address for easy access.

Entering your Foods and Moods

It is easy it is to track your foods and drinks. The Nourish Lifestyle Better app helps you become aware of the most important pieces of information: your hunger level before and after eating AND your mood that may have been a trigger for when and what you ate and drank.

We recommend that you journal as you are eating. That way you won’t forget what you ate and more importantly, you can note your hunger level and how you are feeling in that moment or right before. 

Journal your foods and moods and then put your phone away and enjoy your meal!

Helpful tips for using the Better App

This video will show you some tips on using the Better App.  You will see how to delete an entry, change a serving size and create a recipe for something that you eat frequently.

You will see how to view a food’s nutrition information – including added sugars. 

You may also track your movement and how much water you drink each day in the Better app. You can even sync your exercise data from Fitbit if you have one!

Talk with a Coach

The Nourish Program takes a holistic approach to wellness. We help you learn how to make choices and implement plans that will benefit all areas of your life. We help you work through emotional triggers, challenges related to time management and the everyday stresses of life.

Would you benefit from a one on one session with a Nourish Lifestyle Coach? Click the button below to learn more.

A shift in lifestyle is so much more than the kind of food being consumed. It’s also the mindset behind the choices we make. We help you establish a new way of looking at food and lifestyle choices to understand WHAT you eat, WHEN you eat it, and WHY you are choosing to eat it.  

It’s all about making healthy choices in your life throughout the day, not just when you’re sitting at the table. We understand. We want to help you create a healthier happier lifestyle.

Dr. Chris Hoelscher

Chris is our science guy.  Chris founded Eastland Chiropractic & Lifestyle Center in 1984 and retired from active practice in 2017.  During his time in practice, he opened several clinics in the midwest and one in Saipan, a US commonwealth in Micronesia. He has always maintained an active interest in biology, chemistry and physics and how they affect our bodies. He knew there had to be a reason why some people could eat almost anything and still not gain weight, while others only had to look at food and their waistline would start to expand. He became interested in how and if genetics play a role in weight management and how foods can affect us all differently.  

He also believes that you have to be able to measure anything you want to manage and that starts with knowing where you’re at.  THe INbody scale we utilize in The Nourish Lifestyle program is what gives us the measurable data needed to chart progress. It’s not just the number on the bathroom scale but what the pounds are made of that’s important. With the Inbody scale we can assess the changes in body composition to make sure we are making progress. 

He is also fondly known as our on-call tech guy, fixing our computers, printers and most anything else that needs a fix at our office.