Image of fireworks, with the words 'Instead of a New Year's resolution, make a New Year's reflection'

Forget Resolutions – Reflection is the Key

YEP. It is that time of year again! Time to ring out the old and ring in the new, right?

If you are like most individuals, you make resolutions for the new year. We used to do that too. And like 87% of people, those resolutions rarely became reality.

A few years ago, we decided to focus on reflecting on the year that was coming to an end. We thought about all the things that worked well for us and yes we thought of the things that didn’t work well too.

It’s powerful to be able to build on the good and focus on improving what is working in our lives, appreciating it, and giving ourselves some self-love and respect. It just plain feels good too.  

When we take time to reflect, we not only acknowledge what worked well for us but we can identify what is not working in our best interest and make a conscious decision to leave those things behind.  

Resolutions are focused on positivity for sure – get healthier, lose those extra pounds, exercise regularly – but they typically come from a place of discontent within ourselves.

Reflections, however, cause us to look at reality. How life really was. With reflections, we have the experience and reality to draw on as we move forward. We would like to recommend that you focus on the things you wish to leave behind as you reflect on the year gone by.

We suggest to our clients to do three things to help with their Reflections:

  1. Buy a journal. We are huge advocates of journaling because life gets busy and writing our thoughts down helps clear our minds and requires that we take a moment to pause and reflect.
  1. Make a list of the things you want to leave behind. These would be feelings, habits, thoughts, behaviors that you have identified that do not serve you.
  1. Make a list of the things you want to expand upon. These are the things that worked well for you. Things you wish to continue and expand.

It is easy to build on the things that work well for us. We naturally respond to things that have resulted in wins and the results we were looking for. It is the things that are not working to our benefit that cause the struggle that can stagnate us and keep us in a holding pattern.

We find clients sometimes have difficulty identifying the things that are not working for them, so we have put together a list for you to consider. By all means, these may not apply to you and there may be others that are not listed here as well.

To help you get started here is a list of things to consider leaving behind:

  1. Strict Food Rules – Focus on tuning into your body’s own feedback. Avoid severe food restrictions which creates an ALL IN or ALL OUT mindset that is not healthy nor beneficial.
  1. Diet Culture – Obsessive thoughts and patterns of behavior that create dysfunctional relationships with food and exercise.
  1. Self Sabotaging – Focus on your worthiness and your ability to be who you desire to be. Sabotaging generally comes from fear, so get real with yourself and release the fear. You are brave and allowed to become your best self.
  1. Guilt – Guilt is a useless emotion that nothing good can come out of. It serves no purpose. So you ate the cookie, or maybe 3 or 4 cookies. Laying in the guilt for hours won’t change that. Forgive yourself!
  1. Comparisons – You are your own being, unique and special. Embrace that and leave behind trying to be or look like anyone else.
  1. Excuses – Ah this is the really hard one. If you find you are always making excuses, take a look at your intentions again. (Your WHYS) Perhaps you need to reevaluate them. If you truly want it and it is important to you, you will lose the excuses and find a way.
  1. Relationships – These change and evolve continually. Whether they are personal or professional, intimate or friendships, they can ebb and flow. If you find yourself emotionally drained, playing 2nd fiddle or feeling better and more positive when not in the presence of an individual, perhaps it is time to give the relationship a break.
  1. Obsession with Social Media – Stop allowing people and platforms you do not even know to influence your thoughts, behaviors AND eat up your time. Commit to moving away from these outlets and spending time on something that is beneficial to you and your health (Such as meal planning and prepping, physical activity and/or journaling.)
  1. The 2 P’s: Perfectionism and Procrastination –Perfectionism is impossible to obtain and procrastination is the killer of dreams. Allow yourself the same leeway of imperfection you give others and embrace your “perfect imperfections”. As far as procrastination, reevaluate!  If it is really important to you, you will do it. If you are not doing something you say you want, it is simply not important enough to you.
  1. Busyness – This is really a priority issue. If you find yourself too busy to get everything done you want or feel you need to, take a real deep look at yourself. Ask yourself if you want a busy life or a meaningful life? Focus on the things that truly have meaning to you and leave behind all the rest.  

By replacing resolutions with reflections, you can ease into your goals and intentions with greater clarity and commitment and set yourself up for success.

Cheers to you in the NEW YEAR!

Coach Deb
Coach Barb

Dr. Chris Hoelscher

Chris is our science guy.  Chris founded Eastland Chiropractic & Lifestyle Center in 1984 and retired from active practice in 2017.  During his time in practice, he opened several clinics in the midwest and one in Saipan, a US commonwealth in Micronesia. He has always maintained an active interest in biology, chemistry and physics and how they affect our bodies. He knew there had to be a reason why some people could eat almost anything and still not gain weight, while others only had to look at food and their waistline would start to expand. He became interested in how and if genetics play a role in weight management and how foods can affect us all differently.  

He also believes that you have to be able to measure anything you want to manage and that starts with knowing where you’re at.  THe INbody scale we utilize in The Nourish Lifestyle program is what gives us the measurable data needed to chart progress. It’s not just the number on the bathroom scale but what the pounds are made of that’s important. With the Inbody scale we can assess the changes in body composition to make sure we are making progress. 

He is also fondly known as our on-call tech guy, fixing our computers, printers and most anything else that needs a fix at our office.