The Nourish Lifestyle Program combines cutting-edge science with one-on-one lifestyle coaching and accountability to achieve sustainable weight loss. We have designed our program to help you change your habits, behaviors, beliefs, and emotions in the way you eat, move, and think. 

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Coach Deb, Nourish Founder 


Real Food. Real Results.

If you’ve tried dieting – and who hasn’t – then you know that diets don’t work. Sure you may lose some weight initially but how long can you eat nothing but grapefruit and celery hearts or whatever the latest fad diet is? It’s not pleasant, it’s not effective, and it’s not what WE do. We understand that real results require real change. Diets don’t work because they are restrictive in nature, they take away the joy in eating and there is a beginning and an end, right? And when the diet ends so does the weight loss. The weight invariable comes back on sometimes with even more pounds.  Isn’t it time to get off the diet Merry-Go-Round?

The Nourish Program is about getting real results while eating real food.

The foundation of The Nourish Program is bio-individuality.  No two people are the same.  We understand that and create customized lifestyle programs that are specifically tailored to each individual.

Coach Deb knows first hand the challenge of losing that unhealthy weight.

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Coach Deb

We don’t guess. We test!

Safe and Healthy

Unlike many diets which are nutritionally deficient, Nourish is about giving your body what it needs — the nutrition that comes from eating real food.

Scientific Fat Measurement

At the center of the program is the Body Composition Analyzer, a state-of-the-art device that measures not just your weight but how much of that is body fat, skeletal muscle, and water weight.

Real Food

The Nourish program isn’t based on pills nor potions. It is all about getting real results while eating real food.

Completely Customized

We’re all unique. Our detailed, scientific tests help you understand what foods you should (and should not) be eating.

Insights and Tips from the Nourish Coaches

11 Reasons Why Diet Culture Fails

1) Unsustainability: Many diets promote drastic and restrictive eating patterns that are difficult to maintain in the long run. These extreme changes can lead to feelings of deprivation and frustration, causing individuals to eventually revert to their previous eating habits.

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Obesity: Common, But Not Normal

Obesity has become a widespread health issue in many parts of the world, affecting millions of individuals across different age groups. The prevalence of obesity has risen significantly in recent decades, leading some people to mistakenly believe that it is

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Are you suffering from Fattitude?

Are you a person who has a continual dialogue with yourself regarding your looks, especially those relating to your physical self?  Researchers at Northwestern University are finding the amount of people who are engaging in self “fat talk” is increasing

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Dr. Chris Hoelscher

Chris is our science guy.  Chris founded Eastland Chiropractic & Lifestyle Center in 1984 and retired from active practice in 2017.  During his time in practice, he opened several clinics in the midwest and one in Saipan, a US commonwealth in Micronesia. He has always maintained an active interest in biology, chemistry and physics and how they affect our bodies. He knew there had to be a reason why some people could eat almost anything and still not gain weight, while others only had to look at food and their waistline would start to expand. He became interested in how and if genetics play a role in weight management and how foods can affect us all differently.  

He also believes that you have to be able to measure anything you want to manage and that starts with knowing where you’re at.  THe INbody scale we utilize in The Nourish Lifestyle program is what gives us the measurable data needed to chart progress. It’s not just the number on the bathroom scale but what the pounds are made of that’s important. With the Inbody scale we can assess the changes in body composition to make sure we are making progress. 

He is also fondly known as our on-call tech guy, fixing our computers, printers and most anything else that needs a fix at our office.